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Posted by: - November 4th, 2012

It is nice when a dream comes true and it appears that Ann Marie Orr, Mark Sampson and Brett Settle have made it happen at 11 Central Street in Bangor. If you haven’t driven through downtown within the past few days you should. They have created a sheik new spot with hot music, great food, and a comfortable atmosphere. By day you notice the new glass facade and the inviting wood doors, the chairs turned up and the gleaming hardwood floors….by night you notice the cosmopolitan blend of the brick walls, fabulous artwork, intimate lighting and the sculpted bar. Even the ceiling is a work of art. 11 Central is a must experience! It is the result of three very talented people getting together and allowing each to contribute their individual strengths………. A Bangorism in the making………Bart only wishes that dogs were allowed and he would try the barbeque bacon beef tips and then follow it up with the “shut up and kiss me mint pie”.



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