What is a ‘Bangorism’ you may ask? ‘Bangorisms’ can be a person, it can be a place, or it can be a thing.  It is a characteristic that people identify with Bangor and our community.  Bangorisms are unique to Bangor and add to our quality of life.

The Coffeepot is a perfect example of a ‘Bangorism’.  Ask someone not from Bangor what a coffee pot is and they will answer “Something you make coffee in”.  But to a native Bangorian, a coffee pot is a cultural phenomenon.  An Italian sandwich so mouth watering that people will line up a half an hour early to satisfy their craving.

More examples of ‘Bangorisms’?  The Thomas Hill Standpipe.  The Seadog.   Stephen & Tabitha King’s home on West Broadway.  The American Folk Festival on the Bangor Waterfront, Bass Park.  All of these contribute to Bangor’s rich cultural and historical elements.

Brought to you by as a means to define Bangor and the surrounding communities for information on lifestyle, culture and of course real estate.  Tricia is an experienced Agent/broker in the Bangor Area since 2002.

Can you think of a ‘Bangorism’? Let us know what you think!

4 Responses to Bangorism?

  1. Barry Gass says:

    Eddie Driscoll; Curly O’Brian; Dick Stacy and The Country Jamboree; Bud Leavitt; Bangor Savings Bank; and the old Freeses Dept Store….. All examples of Bangorisms, in my opinion.

  2. Patricia Pickard says:

    Tarratine Club, Penobscot County Jail, Viner Bros. Shoe Factory, Veazie Railroad, Jim Vickery, Newbury Street Playground, George Hale, Kittredge Road Dump, Dow Air Force Base, Pilot’s Grill, Pierce Memorial, Little City, Kosher Heights, Tri-city Pizza, Miller Drug, and who was the guy named Johnny that used to work for WABI…he was tall and thin….?

  3. Patricia Pickard says:

    Bakewell Cream, Al Brady Gang, Dick Shaw, Frank’s Bakery, Doug’s Shop N Save.

  4. Matt says:

    Dana’s Grill, Standard Shoe, and the old brown tile with blue fountains at the Bangor Mall.

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