Defining ‘Bangorism’

Posted by: - January 15th, 2009

What is a ‘Bangorism’ you may ask? ‘Bangorisms’ can be a person, it can be a place, or it can be a thing.  It is a characteristic that people identify with Bangor and our community.  Bangorisms are unique to Bangor and add to our quality of life. 

The Coffeepot is a perfect example of a ‘Bangorism’.  Ask someone not from Bangor what a coffee pot is and they will answer “Something you make coffee in”.  But to a native Bangorian, a coffee pot is a cultural phenomenon.  An italian sandwich so mouth watering that people will line up a half an hour early to satisfy their craving.

More examples of ‘Bangorisms’? The Thomas Hill Standpipe. The Seadog. Stephen & Tabitha King’s home on West Broadway.  The American Folk Festival. All of these contribute to Bangor’s rich cultural and historical elements.

Can you think of a ‘Bangorism’? Let us know what you think!

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2 Responses to Defining ‘Bangorism’

  1. (John) Alan Howard says:

    Coffeepot, indeed! Long before I bought a used Pinto from the Quirk Boys at Bullseye Bridge I had been treated to egg salad on rye at Miller Drug, pizza at Mama Baldacci’s ristorante sotto il ponte, chops at Pilot’s Grill, coffee with the business set at Caldwell Sweet’s, breakfast at Oscar’s and many other Bangorism locations. Though many or most are lost to my grandchildren, these are elements of the city where I was born at the time I was growing up, To stretch the scope of the Bangor experience I would be remiss in not mentioning Stanley’s in Brewer and, for Bart’s sake, Prout’s Doghouse. I know it was in Hampden but close enough to be part of the mix. A great city for a long time.

  2. tquirk says:

    Thank you for the memories!

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